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We are facing major financial challenges. Like many cemeteries, our costs are increasing.  Payroll, insurance, ongoing maintenance of the grounds, equipment repairs, and replacements all are major contributors. Other additional expenses include seasonal repairs to outlying buildings, washed out roadways, aging mowers, and restoration of monuments damaged by fallen trees and roots.

With a large cemetery of 24 acres to mow, trim, and maintain, we are committed to keeping the cemetery attractive and well groomed. 

Our current revenues are barely sufficient to cover payroll. As endowment accounts mature, reinvestment of those funds has resulted in a significant drop in income. Since we can no longer rely on interest income to meet all of our financial needs, contributions are essential to our financial well-being. 

Thank you for your generosity. Through your ongoing support, you will help ensure the cemetery remains a beautiful and peaceful part of the community.


Your donation will make an immediate impact by funding ongoing maintenance of the grounds, necessary repairs and capital improvements.


Please download the Donation Form and send your check made payable to Groton Cemetery Association and mail to: 

Rosemarie Tucker, Secretary/Treasurer 
Groton Cemetery Association 
499 Locke Road, Groton, NY 13073


We are deeply grateful for the hard work of our grounds crew and we celebrate the dedication of our volunteers and donors.

To celebrate our 160st Anniversary, we created a special program to honor our many volunteers and donors: GRC Helping Hands recognizes supporters who keep Groton Rural Cemetery well cared for and inviting throughout the year.

Volunteer to mow, trim weeds, or even adopt a section of the cemetery to maintain throughout the season. 

To volunteer, please contact Kathy Watrous, Coordinator at


When you volunteer or donate, you join a select group of generous people. As a GRC Helping Hand, you will receive an annual letter of recent updates and improvements to the cemetery.

If you donate any amount to the program's annual appeal, you will become a Charter Member.

Through your ongoing support, you help ensure the Cemetery remains a beautiful and peaceful part of the community.


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